Summer 2017
And don't forget: October is National Magic Month!
Halloween is just around the corner, don't wait, book now!
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"Build a better World!"
For the summer reading theme of 2017, I offer my tried and proven presentation: “Reading is Magic.” If you are looking for a fun program that uses many volunteers, is full of comedy and suspense, and inspires your patrons to read, then this program is for you.

After being inspired by “Albus Dumbledore” of “Harry Potter” in 1999, I wanted to be a Wizard. I went to the library, borrowed magic books, and taught myself how to be a Wizard. I then created "Reading is Magic.” I wanted to show how reading and comprehension skills are an important part of everyday life; of how reading provides: inspiration, imagination, and expansion of the mind. I wanted to show that when you have free reading time, reading stories that you like, you will become a better reader. It is that easy. Throughout the performance the audience is challenged with questions, magic books are on display, and we finish with a question and answer session.

As I work with audiences of all age groups, each presentation is designed for the understanding level of that audience at that time. This makes my programs ideal for your Juvenile, YA, and Adult reading groups.
"Loved that you arrived early to set up. They, the parents and children, were all attentive and enjoyed the show!"
Mary Wing, Woburn Public Library, 2015
"The show was fantastic. You were engaging for a wide range of ages!" Sam Sednek, Medford Public Library, 2015
"I expected to see some magic tricks, but I did not expect you to integrate so much Harry Potter/Library comments! Hats off to you, you exceeded my expectations!"
Amy Hindle, Abington Public Library 2015
"I was totally impressed that the middle schoolers were engaged!"
Ann Woodman, Canton Public Library, 2015
Building Reading Skills
With Ed the Wizard!