Looking for funding for your next magical event with Ed the Wizard?

Since 2005, Ed the Wizard has received well over 450 grants from Local Cultural Councils across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, each a part of the Massachusetts Cultural Council Program. Most of the grants were fully funded. Events included school and library reading programs, as well as town events and fairs.

Photo page for the LCC event at Carlisle School.
Massachusetts Local Cultural Councils:
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Let Ed the Wizard work with you in filling out a 2017 grant application for any of his exciting programs:
"Reading is Magic!" This tried and true program is full of excitement, fun, and comedy. With the help of many volunteers, provides a strong emphasis of the importance building and maintaining reading skills. Suitable for all ages and grade levels.
"Math is Magic" demonstrates how math is used to perform walk around magic and mind reading effects. The routines are shown, the math is explained, and the class has an opportunity to learn and perform. Notes are distributed after each class.
Alchemy Class shows how to perform magic with everyday items found at home.
Magic workshops vary from an hour class to multi-day workshop where the students graduate by choreography and performing their own magic show!
Balloon Twisting Workshops are ideal for afterschool and extended learning programs.

All that Ed the Wizard has learned and performs, has been self taught, learned through reading! Many school and public libraries have reported their magic books disappearing from the 793.8 section, (that is where you will find magic books in all the school and public libraries all across the country!), after each performance!

For more detailed information please call Ed the Wizard at 978.544.8092, or e-mail at:
For more detailed information please call Ed the Wizard at 978.544.8092, or e-mail at: